W51606P: 9 March 2011 - 23 June 2014:


The year is 2011.
Finally my automobile has reached the point where a real car starts:
It stops, it steers, it parks, it accelerates, it brakes, and it slows down – all by itself.

My vehicle has the following add-ons:
1.) ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control): It stops my car behind a standing car. By using radar it keeps my car at a safe and selectable distance from the one in front of me by braking or accelerating. The radar system is located behind the car manufacturer’s badge in the radiator grille.
2.) Lane assist: It keeps my car safely in the right lane using a camera. The camera is located in the rear-view mirror unit.
3.) Park assist: It parks my car quickly and easily using ultrasonic sensors. The sensors are located in the front and rear bumpers.

OK, it’s only 2011 and for sure there are a few important things still missing:
First: Infrared cameras to detect life forms (animals and humans) to stop the car before killing them.
Second: More cameras plus car-to-car, and car-to-environment (e.g. traffic signs) communication to get a grasp of the traffic situation so the car is stopped before an accident happens; or to avoid a dangerous situation completely.

Clearly showing all of the above-mentioned features (ACC, Lane assist, Park assist) would entail creating a brief clip for each feature.
Since there are already similar clips available on youtube and also due to my limited free time I have decided to publish only pictures.

Wilhelm's Passat-CC

The Volkswagen CC (originally known as the Volkswagen Passat CC in its first generation) is a four-door sedan-fastback version of the Volkswagen Passat.
It debuted in January 2008 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
According to Volkswagen, the suffix CC stands for Comfort Coupé.

The Passat CC falls between the Passat and the Phaeton in VW's range — while based on the Passat, and sharing its wheelbase, the CC is 27 mm (1.06 inches) longer, 50 mm (1.97 inches) lower, and 36 mm (1.42 inches) wider than the Passat.

The chassis of the Passat CC is being built in the factory in Emden, Germany at the moment: