Since 1992 the Institute of Computer Technology, a part of the Faculty for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Vienna University of Technology (;;,,,

has been using the Infineon (formerly: Siemens AG, Semiconductor Division) 16 bit microcontroller family in teaching, utilising the following:
.) lectures on microcomputers / Mikrocomputer Vorlesung (VO),
.) laboratory tutorials / Mikrocomputer Laborübung (LU) and
.) laboratory tutorials / Mikrocomputer Übung (UE)

Once a year, I have the privilege of giving an overview of Infineon’s 8/16/32 bit microcontroller families, development tools, and main applications to third-semester students.
Additionally, they are given some ideas of what will happen in this area in the future.

*****  15 November 2007  *****:

*****  12 November 2009  *****:

*****  25 November 2010  *****:

*****  1 December 2011  *****:

In the year 2011 we were able to give
165 boxes of the XE167F Easy Kit (Microcontroller Derivate: XE167F-96F66F) to the students, and
10 boxes of the XC164CM Easy Kit V3 (Microcontroller Derivate: SAF-XC164CM-16F40F) to the institute.

As you can see in the following pictures, the students are very enthusiastic, and eager to work with their new microcontroller boards.
Not to mention that it also enables them to better prepare for their exams.
Afterwards, they are, of course, able to immediately create applications using Infineon’s microcontrollers ;- )

165 boxes of the XE167F Easy Kit (Microcontroller Derivate: XE167F-96F66F) for the students:

***** 6 December 2012 *****:

***** 12 December 2013 *****

***** 4 December 2014 *****

*****  30 November 2015  *****:

In the year 2015 we were able to give
200 boxes of the XMC1100 (ARM Cortex M0 microcontroller) BootKit to the students, and
50 boxes of the XMC1100 BootKit and 11 boxes of the XMC4800 EtherCat RelaxKit to the institute.

The lecture ("
Component-based Embedded Software Engineering/Development, using DAVE for Infineon's ARM Cortex M0/M4 (XMC1000/XMC4000) Microcontrollers") Microcomputer (384.104) is available at:

Die Vorlesung "
Komponentenbasierte Embedded Software Entwicklung mit DAVE für ARM Cortex M0/M4 Mikrocontroller" im Rahmen der Microcomputer-Vorlesung (384.104) vom 30.11.2015 ist unter (Programmierung eines Infineon ARM Cortex M0 XMC1100 Mikrocontrollers für Arduino mit DAVE/Eclipse) oder


For bachelor studies of electrical engineering and information technology, XC164CM boards were used willingly and increasingly during the last few years.

The following pictures show a few results of the students' projects (Infineon microcontrollers inside).
For example, Robot Soccer (also seen at the Infineon booth at Embedded World 2004 in Nuremberg, Germany), Mini Segways, elevator models, LCD games, and many more:

Cross Table Dinner, 12 November 2014: