Wilhelm's Wish (the year is 2012):

I want to accompany my children as long as possible, and I always want to be there for them.
A loyal, trustworthy, supporting, comforting, pretty, monogamous, female partner would be perfect.  
Furthermore I want to achieve immortality through not dying - in other words:
I want to live a happy, healthy and wealthy life forever.
I want to understand and explore a world that is bigger than we can readily comprehend in every respect - in short,
I want to understand and explore the universe(s) completely.

There are so many interesting things like mathematics (the language of science/nature), physics, particle physics, astrophysics (celestial/cosmic reverse engineering), known unknowns (e.g. dark matter, dark energy, magnetic monopoles, inflation), unknown knowns (black holes, matter, space, time, spacetime), chemistry, biology, genetics, biological engineering, bionics, electrical engineering, cybernetics, microelectronics, computer sciences, programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, C, C++, C#, Microsoft Visual Studio's .NET), generic algorithms and data structures, artificial intelligence, nature, family, the human body, depth psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, medical hypnosis, Enneagram, life itself - I could go on ad infinitum - one lifetime is not enough for all the things which are interesting!

Apparently other humans suffer from the time problem too, therefore it is obviously no wonder that I found the following suitable song:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToNK2-JuQMs (John Rowles: If I Only Had Time)

And I would like to see how life and all these sciences evolve over time
(e.g. from MS-DOS to Windows 7; or from my first landline telephone to the iPhone 4S).
Additionally, I would love to have my intelligence quotient (IQ) increased by 60 points, so that I could easily understand, design, and create: algorithms and data structures like genetic algorithms, generic containers, self-balancing binary search trees, and the Mandelbrot set - all of which are my hobbies.

O.K., what I really want is to be departing the starship Enterprise-E in a one-man shuttlecraft headed to the planetoid (inhabited solely by women) I rule known as Wilhelm Beta Five.